An Open Letter To My Children

To my children:

    We as mothers are essentially the backbone of our family.  We carry, birth, feed and provide for our children for the rest of our lives.  Being a mother means making sure your children can touch the stars, even if the stars are out of their reach. As mothers, we never give up on our children. We want the best for them and we want them to be healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A mother’s love is a lifetime of love. Even through the nagging – to clean their room or to finish their homework, because we want them to learn the right things to do. We sacrifice day after day and we do not complain. I hope my children know…
    That I love them more than I love myself
  • That they can talk to me about anything and everything – even the personal things that can be uncomfortable – without feeling that they will be punished
  • That I tried to be the best example for them that I could be. Even on my hardest days.
  • That I taught them to take risks, even when they did not want to or were scared
  • That I will be with them every step of the way for my entire life
  • That I was there when they needed me.
  • That their sad days were my sad days
  • That I cried myself to sleep when they were emotionally hurt by someone else
  • That I taught them to value their bodies and self worth
  • That I provided a safe and loving environment for them
  • That I made time for them – even when I did not have time for myself
  • That I had patience – even on my most trying days
  • That I taught them perseverance. Even when they wanted to give up
  • That I was forgiving
  • That being a mom was the most important thing in the world to me
  • That I love each of them the same
  • That they brought so much love and joy to our family
  • That their success was my success
  • That their laughter was my music
  • That my nagging was teaching them to become functioning adults
  • That I was their Mother, and not their friend. They have enough of those.
  • That I was not perfect, but I tried my best
  • That I disappointed myself at times but did my best to rectify it
  • That I always put their needs before my own
  • That I will love them until the end of time… No matter what

I am far from a perfect mother. I may not be everything they think I should be. I may not be the cool mom who lets her kids roam after dark around the city. I AM their mother, their safe place, their security, their protector.

To My children, I love you


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