What I got for Christmas 2018|Beauty – Fashion Edition

Christmas 2018 beauty gifts|What I got for Christmas

Happy New Year!!!

Christmas is such a magical time. We spend time with our family, friends and loved ones. My two boys were so incredibly excited in the days leading up to Santa’s arrival that it made my heart smile. Having kids of my own has brought a different meaning to The Christmas Season for me. I do everything in my power to teach them the true meaning of Christmas and remind them how incredibly fortunate that our family is.

As Christmas is not always a happy time for some struggling families, We have made a tradition to donate to the food bank as well as a program called “Santa’s Anonymous”. This is such a heartwarming program in which more fortunate families donate unused toys and gifts for less fortunate families. This program then wraps and delivers the donated presents to those less fortunate.

My oldest son, who is 12, plays competitive hockey. With so many generous team sponsors within our city, each year we, as a team, sponsor a family during the holiday season. They are provided with gifts for the entire family as well as a grocery store gift card to purchase ingredients for a family Christmas dinner. Teaching these young men to be thoughtful and generous citizens has been so rewarding. It sure has made them realize how fortunate they actually are.

I grew up as an only child so I can say without a doubt, that I was a little spoiled. Not “a brat” spoiled, but I pretty much got just about everything I asked for. Being an only child to my parents, they still tend to spoil me a little (along with my amazing husband). I have been so blessed in my life and I am extremely grateful for my Husband, my kids, and my parents.

Christmas 2018 beauty gifts|What I got for Christmas

Ok, ok enough babbling and onto what I got for Christmas this year! I was spoiled again!!

Beauty | Bath and body:

Christmas 2018 Beauty-Bath and Body

I am truly a bath and body girl and proud of it – lol. Is there anything better than a relaxing night at home, taking a bath with some amazing aromas? Not for me! Have you tried the Snowflakes & Cashmere scent? Let me know down below what you think!


Christmas 2018 ElectronicsI am not a huge electronics person but I was pleasantly surprised by these two products. The wireless charging pad was definitely a win. I cannot keep a charger to save my life with two boys consistently “borrowing” mine. Borrowing and not returning I might add 😉 I have not yet tried the BOSE wireless earbuds but they will come in handy on those long bus rides with my son travelling to hockey.

Christmas 2018 beauty gifts|What I got for Christmas

Beauty-Hair Tools

Christmas 2018 Beauty-Hair tools

Downtown By Eva-NYC Heated Blowout Brush

Christmas 2018 Beauty-Hair tools

Paul Mitchell Pro Hair Dryer (Limited Edition Glitter)

Christmas 2018 Beauty-Hair tools

Pyt Hair Straightener

Beauty Room Accessories

Christmas 2018 Beauty Room Accessories

When I saw this stool in the showroom of a store I instantly fell in love with it. It is a beautiful shade of green velvet with a gold accent in the center. And guess what?? My mom surprised me with it for Christmas. I was so thankful and super pumped! My new makeup stool.

Christmas 2018 beauty gifts|What I got for Christmas

Beauty – Skincare

Christmas 2018 Beauty - Skincare

You all know by now what a crazy person I am when it comes to skincare. My family clearly understands this, hahaha.

Beauty – Fragrance

Christmas 2018 Beauty - Fragrance

Beauty is my passion and that entails everything from makeup, to fragrance, to skincare, and bath and body. If it is a category of health and beauty then it’s part of my passion. This year I managed to score Three new fragrances. Prada Candy, Bvlgari Coral, and Burberry Brit.

Beauty – Cosmetics / Makeup

Christmas 2018 Beauty-Cosmetics / MakeupChristmas 2018 Beauty-Cosmetics / MakeupChristmas 2018 Beauty-Cosmetics / MakeupChristmas 2018 Beauty-Cosmetics / Makeup

I received so many makeup products this year for Christmas that I will have enough to review the entire 2019 year. Along with everything h I purchased throughout 2018 I have more than I can possibly use. I ha e decided to go on a “Low Spending” Year. It to say I won’t purchase anything, I’ll only purchase items that I know my readers would like a review of. Tons of fresh new content coming in 2019. I will be doing an unboxing of both the Elizabeth Arden Holiday Set as well as the Lancôme Holiday set, so stay tuned for those coming soon.

Christmas 2018 beauty gifts|What I got for Christmas


Gucci crossbodyChristmas 2018 FashionGucci chain strap

Yves St Laurant crossbody bag

Designer handbags hold a special place in my heart. The smell of a new fresh leather bag is unlike anything else.

And there it goes. This is what I received for Christmas this year. Minus a new laptop in which I am using right now haha. I hope you enjoyed this post and keep your eyes peeled for so many new product reviews coming soon.

Christmas 2018 beauty gifts|What I got for Christmas


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