12 Beauty Myths That You May Have Believed

12 Beauty Myths That You May Have Believed12 Beauty Myths That You May Have BelievedThere are countless myths circling around regarding beauty care and makeup.  Most of these are complete gimmicks that we believe and spend our hard earned money on. Don't fall for it! I myself have fallen through the hole, in hopes that... Continue Reading →


7 Tips For A Flawless Foundation Application

medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "728078572"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; It is clear that if you cannot get the foundation application mastered then the rest of your makeup will follow in suit. Mastering foundation application can be a game changer to your entire makeup look. Today I am going to share with you... Continue Reading →

13 Phenomenal Drugstore Foundation Dupes {Photos}

Day 2 of Dupes - Incredible Foundation Dupes: Today I thought I should do a dupes post dedicated to one makeup item we all love. Foundation! medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid = "725475151"; medianet_versionId = "3111299"; Seriously tho, who doesn't adore a product that gives us brighter, smoother, and a more flawless finish.... Continue Reading →

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