The Best Eyeshadow Shades To Compliment Your Natural Eye Colour

Happy Monday Lovelies!! Today we will talk about the best eyeshadow shades to make your eyes pop! When it comes to eyeshadow pallets, the choices are endless. I walk into Sephora or any department store and I instantly lose sight of what I actually went in there to purchase in the first place. The pretty... Continue Reading →


5 Best Eye Creams Regardless Of Your Age

Top 5 Eye creams: The moment that we look into the mirror and notice that first little fine line appearing around our eyes, is the moment we will never forget. Aging is an inevitable process that occurs. However, there is no harm in slowing down that process šŸ˜‰ medianet_width = "600"; medianet_height = "250"; medianet_crid... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Should Never Sleep In Your Makeup

Reasons to never sleep in your makeup: You'reĀ The thought of washing your makeup off at night after an extremely strenuous day can sometimes feel daunting.Ā You areĀ over tired, over worked, and over the day. You are only wearing a little makeup so you decide to hit the sheets instead of taking off your makeup right? Wrong!... Continue Reading →

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