How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic In 30 Days

How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic In 30 Days

How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic In 30 Days

Every bloggers dream is to make it big on Pinterest. More Pinterest views will eventually lead to clicks which roll over onto more blog views. And who doesn’t want to skyrocket their blog views.

I have increased my Pinterest views from 6K to 600K in one month. You may be thinking, yeah right! Here’s there proof. A screenshot of my Pinterest profile!

And the month still hasn’t ended so that number will increase daily. I generally receive anywhere from 20K to 60K viewers per day, whereas previously I’d be lucky if I hit 500 per day. P.S my blog is only 4 months old. The key to Pinterest is consistently posting EVERY DAY! 365 day a year. And to be honest, I don’t have time – or the memory to manually pin on Pinterest multiple times a day.

So, are you wondering how I achieved this in less than one month?

Tailwind! I have been reading about Tailwind all over Pinterest but didn’t bother with trying it. The more I read, the more intrigued I had become so I decided to take a leap and try the FREE TRIAL. Get YOUR FULL MONTH FREE TRIAL HERE From there I was hooked and purchased a yearly subscription.

What Is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a program that you can use to schedule posts on Instagram or pins on Pinterest. It is one of the best-kept secrets for high-performance Pinterest users.
If you’re a blogger reading this and haven’t joined Tailwind yet, run over and JOIN RIGHT NOW and then come back and read the rest of this post. Seriously. This program has literally changed my Pinterest game. Considering this tool is just $10 per month when billed annually, your return on investment is worth it! By signing up through my affiliate link you get to try it FREE for one month.

How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic In 30 Days

Why Do You Need To Invest In Tailwind?

Yes, I consider Tailwind an investment because it is one of the best thing I have purchased to date for my blog. My blog views have increased so significantly since joining that I am a firm believer that this would not have happened otherwise. 70% of my blog views are now coming from Pinterest.

Scheduling Saves Time

The first few weeks using Tailwind was basically me figuring out all of the features this program provides. Tailwind has so many neat features like scheduling, tribes, Instagram integration, insights, analytics, and more! You guys, I told you this is a serious GAME CHANGER!

Clearly, the big thing here is that you can SAVE TIME by scheduling your pins! In a world that wants to maximize time as much as possible, Tailwind will allow you to do that! Which means you can focus on creating graphics or writing blog posts to go along with those pins. One of my favourite things about scheduling with Tailwind is that it schedules your pins based on your audience’s engagement timeline and, thus,automatically maximizes your reach! Talk about some kind of genius optimization!

Using The Browser Extension

I highly suggest installing Tailwind’s browser extension to save even more time. This extension is similar to the Pinterest browser extension. When you hover over a photo, the Tailwind button pops up–just like the Pinterest pin button! Guys, life saver! I love sharing my blog posts to tribes multiple times because they sometimes move very quickly. However, I do not necessarily want to pin the same blog post over and over and over. This feature eliminates the need to pin to my own account while sharing with my tribes!

Tailwind Smartloop

Tailwind has this new amazing feature that will help you stay even more consistent with less effort. You guessed it, it’s called Smartloop. 

Smartloop will help you to save hours of manually pinning by re-pinning your content that is added to your loop indefinitely. 

You no longer have to keep complicated spreadsheets to know what needs to be pinned and when. You can focus on pinning new content and be confident that your older posts/products are still pinning automatically driving sales and leads.

You are given 250 slots initialy for your pins to be scheduled in a loop(s) for an amount of time you specify or indefinitely.

You can choose evergreen or seasonal for the loop. After the initial set up of a Smartloop, you don’t have to do anything else with those pins. This is perfect for your content/product you want to pin continuously. 

This also helps with seasonal content/products because you don’t have to remember to start or stop pinning that content it’s already done

Tailwind Tribes

Tribes in Tailwind (similar to Group boards Pinterest) are groups of pinners in similar Niches that share your content to their audience and you in turn share pins of theirs. 

Tribes to me, help accelerate your reach much better than group boards by maximizing your reach to people who wouldn’t traditionally see your product or service in their feed. 

You will show up in the followers feed just because you were being a good Pinner and shared your tribe-mates pins so they shared yours. As you can see at right how much of a potential reach you can gain. 

Not all Tribes are created equal and don’t get the same level of reach. so chose wisely and get out of ones that aren’t performing. 

Each tribe has its own rules that you are required to follow. You can preview each tribe and see the rules and 10 pins of content to see if you want to join. 

If you don’t follow these rules you are subject to being removed from the tribe. So pay attention to what the rules are! 

Tailwind Analytics

The insights Tailwind provides will tell you what boards are performing well and the engagement those boards are receiving. These are tracked by Virality, Engagement score, and Engagement Percentage. 

Tailwind also shows follower count, the number of pins added, and the number of re-shares outside of the tribes.  There are also pins, website, organic, and referral traffic insights.  These are great for knowing what to create more of.

Now that you know why you should be using Tailwind you need to set up an account and get pinning if you don’t already have one. Click the banner below to get your free trial!  

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How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic In 30 Days

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