A Crazy Life With Boys… Lord Save My Soul

If you have kids, you know its the most rewarding and joyful feeling in the whole world. You carry them for nine months, you feel them grow inside you, and then you watch them enter this world. It is the most overwhelming love I have ever felt in my 35 years on this earth.

As babies, we watch their every move, every breath, every stumble. We clean boo boo’s, we kiss bumps and bruises, and we show them what love is. We teach them right from wrong, we instil values that we hope will last a lifetime, and we show them the meaning of a loving and caring home. These are the most crucial years or their little lives.

Lord Save My Soul

THEN THEY GROW UP!! I have two boys, Noah, age eight and Riley, age twelve, and OHHH MAAA GAWD…. They are so rough with each other! Somedays I feel like I live in a zoo, and I pray to god its not just me! haha The smallest thing will set them off on each other. And I don’t mean like a little argument, I’m talking about an all out WAR! They’re messy, they get dirty, and they somehow missed the part of life where human beings pick up after themselves. After they shower, the floor invites them to just leave their clothes and towels wherever it drops. Like its somehow going to magically pick itself up and jump into the clothes hamper. Dishes.. sure just leave it sitting in your room for days. We’ll just let rats and rodents invade us at some point.. no big deal. Oh and lets not forget the empty water bottles strategically placed all over your bedroom. Start a recycling factory child, you most certainly have enough saved to do so.

My daily conversations consist of “don’t hit your brother”, “don’t pull his hair”, don’t go in each others rooms”. The quotes are endless.  Some days I think they are going to drive me crazy. I LOVE MY KIDS I LOVE MY KIDS I LOVE MY KIDS.. haha I tell myself its life with boys.

My kids are very active. I feel like my schedule revolves around theirs. No, actually it does revolve around theirs. Picking up from school, go home and feed them, leave again and rush to drop one off at hockey practice early because the other has hockey on the opposite end of town. It’s so exhausting! Not to mention having to leave town every other weekend because my oldest,  plays competitive hockey and travels. Sometimes on 14 hour bus rides, for a 2 game weekend. But, I would never change a thing about my life. At the end of the day we jump into bed for a family cuddle and all the madness is totally worth it. Everything that happened that day is forgotten. We laugh, we joke, and we love each other.

Throughout all the craziness, we are a normal family. A family who loves each other beyond words. A family who would do anything for each other. And ultimately, a family who supports one another, no matter how crazy the idea may seem. We may be a crazy and busy family, but we are a happy family. I hope my kids can look back once they are older, and tell our crazy stories to their own families, with smiles on their faces. Laugh about the good times, and cry about the sad times. I hope they are wonderful men who put their families first, and I hope they are mama’s boys forever.

Feel free to comment if you can relate to having a crazy, busy life like mine. And… if sometimes your kids just drive you a little cray cray haha

Until next time…

Sheryail Marie xoxo


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