The Essential Beauty And Makeup Tools

The Essential Beauty and Makeup Tools

It doesn’t matter if you go glam everyday, or if you doll yourself up once a month. Every woman should have at least a few beauty tools in their makeup bag.

Beauty tools not only help in grooming our appearance, they are also used for makeup application. Today I am going to show you some items you should have in your stash.

Makeup Brushes.

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Lets face it, every single one of of us has a few makeup brushes laying around in our makeup bag – or at least we should! You should never apply makeup with your hands. Think about all of the dirt and oil our hands host on a daily basis. They are a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only that, the grease and sweat from your hands will melt your makeup down to nothing in just a few hours. Invest in a set makeup brushes. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. There are several cheap, yet effective brush sets out there.



If you want to pull that that beautiful polished eye look then you will need a pair of tweezers to do so. Nothing says “I could care less” then a pair of grown in eyebrows. Yes, we all notice it! Not only are tweezers great for plucking stray hairs, they work great for applying false lashes.



These little cotton sticks are fantastic for fixing any makeup mishaps.. such as getting that freakin mascara wand in the corner of your eye. Yea, Ive been there too. More than I would like to admit. I also use them with a bit of nail polish remover on the ends, to clear up any manicure mistakes.

Eyelash Curler.


Eyelash curlers can look scary and intimidating but they are nothing to fear. This little gadget gives us the most perfectly curled girly lashes. Thrust me, it is a true beauty game changer. In just a few strokes, an eyelash curler can give you the shape and fullness that will make your peepers look flirty and sexy.

Beauty Blender – Or Any Sponge Applicator


You have not witnessed a flawless foundation application until you have used a beauty sponge. These are an absolute must in my makeup bag. This tear-drop shaped sponge does wonders in giving users a wonderfully finished look to their foundation. Just dab with a little water and let the magic begin.

A Compact Mirror.


This may seem like an obvious choice. However, I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of people I see applying their makeup by looking at the screen of their phone.

Makeup Brush Cleanser.


You would be alarmed at how many people do not clean their makeup brushes regularly. Please, please, always clean your makeup brushes to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Hair Tie’s.


Have you ever went away for the weekend and dug through your makeup bag for a hair tie, only to realize that you forgot to take one? Ugh my biggest pet peeve! Throw a couple hair ties in there and leave them there.

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