Merry Christmas And Best Wishes For The New Year!

Merry Christmas!! This time of year is an excellent time to reflect and show gratitude. Christmas is a time of giving and I want to convey my love to everyone. I am truly grateful for all of my readers, family, and friends that have and remain to support me in my journey. Honestly, I could... Continue Reading →


What song should you listen to right now?

For me music is good for the soul. I constantly have music playing in my home, whether I am working, cleaning, or just relaxing. This little quiz will let you know what song you should listen to right now based on your personality Have fun!! [os-widget path="/agrant/what-song-should-you-hear-right-now" of="sheryail"]

Anxiety and Children – NOW AVAILABLE

This is a complete ebook detailing child anxiety disorders and what parents or caregivers can do to aid in management of each individual based on the condition the child is facing. To View the ebook click here This book explains in detail all areas including INTRODUCTION WHAT IS ANXIETY? WHАT САUЅЕЅ АNXІЕTУ? WHY DO CHILDREN... Continue Reading →

10 Netflix Series You Need To Watch

When it comes to Netflix, finding the right series to start can be a daunting task. I am always asking for recommendations because I can never find one. I have compiled my 10 favourite Netflix series that you need to watch! Breaking Bad: If you have not watched this.. you need to start!! NOW! I... Continue Reading →

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