Building the perfect outfit: Tips for getting dressed

Have you ever noticed that some people always know to to put together the most perfect outfit that ‘pops’! They always look so fresh, polished, and put together. This is no coincidence. It takes time to plan out their outfit. It isn’t something they woke up and threw together.

Consider what you are planning the outfit for

Depending on the event you are going to will determine your outfit planning. Are you going to a gala, a family BBQ, taking your kids to the park? Do you want  to look elegant, comfy, or polished? All of these factors will come into play when choosing the outfit for this occasion. Will you be indoors? Is the event held outdoors? Generally speaking, you have some sort of idea of at least once piece of clothing that you will wear. Work around that.

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Choose to layer when applicable

If you decide on a casual day with jeans and a plain t-shirt, consider layering your t-shirt with a blazer or a cartigan. Layering you outfit will add that extra pop of colour and style on a whole new level. My favourite is layering with a blazer. I find it makes my outfit look more professional, polished, and poised. The great thing with this is that you can wear your favourite heels a more dressed up look, or a pair of Converse sneakers for casual. Both will look amazing.

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Choose accessories

Choosing accessories are just as important as the outfit itself. again, pick a piece based on the occasion. If its a jeans and sneakers kind of day, choose a simple yet elegant long necklace. If you choose heels, pair it with a statement necklace to add to the outfit.

Always look your best

Planning your outfit in advance is a sure way to look your best, also ensure that you are wearing clean, crisp clothes straight from your closet. Don’t wear wrinkled clothing or anything with stains. With all of these tips you will always look amazing!

xoxo Sheryail Marie


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