9 Makeup Myths That Need To Be Thrown Out

Bogus Makeup Myths:

In the age of technology, we google ourselves silly in search of the latest and greatest makeup tips and hacks. There is a plethora of information available at our fingertips, but… is all this information accurate? It most definitely is not.

As a child, my mother was never the type of person who was really into makeup. When it came to the time where I began experimenting, I basically believed everything my friends told me or what I read in magazines. Now that I have been doing makeup for over 20 years, I can tell you that a lot of what you read online are not exactly the truth. Today I will share with you 9 of the most horrendous myths that need to stop circulating.

Makeup Myth #1. Throw out your mascara only once it dries out


Please, please do not believe this.  A tube of mascara has a shelf life of 3 months. This is a makeup product that we use on our eyes. It is extremely dangerous to use a mascara after its shelf life has expired. You could get a nasty eye infection among many other eye concerns. I Sometimes even write the month on my tubes with a marker, just so I do not overlook the dates.

Makeup Myth #2. It’s OK to sleep with your makeup on


While we sleep, our skin regenerates itself. This is an essential process if we want our skin to look hydrated and plump. Leaving your makeup on while you sleep clogs your pores and dramatically dehydrates the skin. Not to mention, you could get a nasty eye infection from leaving eye makeup on overnight.

Makeup Myth #3. Makeup does not expire

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All makeup has a shelf life once it is opened. You will see the shelf life listed on all makeup products for the most part. I’m not saying you have to throw it out on the first day of expiry, but don’t hang on to it for months or even years after the suggested date. I have friends who have told me that they keep makeup for years. This is unsanitary and can lead to bacterial infections.

Makeup Myth #4. Makeup causes acne and breakouts


This is not necessarily the case. As stated in the above explanation, once a product has lived its full shelf life, the rink of bacteria breeding is greatly higher. Which in turn will cause acne or a breakout on some individuals. If you notice a breakout or a rash after using a new product for a few days, discontinue use. You may be allergic to an ingredient. You are free to try that product again in the future to determine if that was the cause.

Makeup Myth #5. You don’t need to clean your makeup brushes if only yourself have used them


Your makeup brushes should be cleaned at least once a week. Preferably, every 2-3 days if you use them daily. Bacteria does not care who has used them. If a friend uses your makeup brushes, clean them before using them yourself. Generally speaking, you should not share these products with anyone. Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

Makeup Myth #6. Moisturizers work the same as face primers


There is a very big difference when we compare moisturizers and face primers. Moisturizers absorb into our skin to keep it healthy and hydrated. Facial primers are meant to sit on the surface of our skin, providing an even and smooth canvas as a preparation step before adding foundation or concealer. I suggest using a moisturizer first, then apply your primer. If you have to choose one, always choose moisturizer.

Makeup Myth #7. You can match your foundation to the back of your hand


Your hands will never get as much sun as your face receives. Our faces are exposed to UV daily. To get the closest match, always match your foundation by applying a little to your jawline and blend. I see so many individuals at the store applying foundation swatches to their hands. What matches your hand will most definitely not match your face. By doing this you will surely be disappointed when apply your foundation to your face. Save your cash and test it the correct way.

Makeup Myth #8. You should apply concealer before foundation


I have heard this so many times. In actuality, applying your concealer before foundation will not help you. Your foundation is applied first to even out your skin tone, and cover scars or blemishes that you may have. Concealer is applied after this step to cover up those stubborn areas that continue to show through, such as under eye circles and dark coloured scars.

Makeup Myth #9. Drugstore brands are cheaper because they don’t work

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If you have ever tried the ‘Real Techniques’ sponge applicator in comparison to ‘Beauty Blender’ sponge applicator you will know why this is such a huge misconception. Drugstore brands have truly upped their game in the makeup department. You do not need to spend great deal of money to get a good quality makeup product. Check out my post on some of my best – loved drugstore beauty products.


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