7 Tips For A Flawless Foundation Application

It is clear that if you cannot get the foundation application mastered then the rest of your makeup will follow in suit. Mastering foundation application can be a game changer to your entire makeup look. Today I am going to share with you 7 of my most favourite tips for a flawless foundation finish.

Start With A Clean Smooth Slate:


If your skin is peeling, flaking, dry, or oily then you cannot expect your foundation to apply smoothly. Exfoliating 1-2 times per week will ensure smooth skin free from flakes. It will slough away any dry patches or dead skin on your face as well as remove any excess oil.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!:


Makeup application is all in the skin prep and this is one step that should never be skipped. No matter what your skin type may be, moisturizing before your foundation helps it apply more smoothly and evenly. Skipping this step will result in cakey and uneven application.

Allow Ample Time For Your Moisturizer To Dry:

Applying your foundation before your moisturizer has completely absorbed into your skin runs the risk of streaky, blotchy makeup. This does not only apply to a foundation, but to any makeup product applied to the skin. For instance blush or bronzer.

Use a Primer:


Primer is such an important step that often times get overlooked by many. Primers are developed to give your skin a smooth and even canvas to begin your creative masterpiece.  I can instantly tell the difference on the rare occasion that I don’t wear a primer.

Find The Correct Formula For Your Skin:

There is a reason why foundations come in many different formulations. From liquid, gel, powder, and cream, each one serves a different purpose. Speak with a beauty consultant to figure out which formula would best suit your skin type.

Find Your Correct Shade:

Remember in high school when your foundation was either way too light or 3 shades too dark? Yea, I prefer to forget about those days too! Don’t let that happen in your adulthood. Next time you go foundation shopping, ensure you speak with an experienced sales associate to help you find that perfect shade.

Use The Correct Tools For Application:

What works for your friend may not work for you. There are so many application tools out there that it is basically just a trial and error test. Different formulations work best with certain tools. Figure out what technique works for you and go with that.

7 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application
7 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application
7 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application
7 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application
7 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application
7 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application

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