7 Tips For Applying Eyeshadow: Life changing

7 Tips For Applying Eyeshadow:

Even for the most experienced makeup enthusiast, eyeshadow application can be a little intimidating. Palettes, colours, primer, blending, brushes, creasing, smokey look! Whoa, Just typing that is enough to make my head spin.  knowing a few tips and tricks can make the world of difference in regards to shadow application. So today, I have put together a few of my most used tricks to create a beautiful eye look.  so without further ado, here are 7 hacks to finally get you that insanely beautiful eye shadow look.

1. Always start with a primer.

The first step in creating that flawless eyeshadow look is to always use a lid primer. Eye shadow primers solve problems such as oily lids, creasing shadow, dry patches, fading shadows, and just allows your eye shadow to overall apply best.

Side note* If purchasing an eye shadow primer isn’t in your budget, a concealer would do the job as well. Just ensure you use a thick, full coverage concealer and blend it out well.

2. Use decent brushes.

Using a decent set of brushes are half the battle when applying eye shadow. Throw out those awful teeny sponge applicators that come with your pallet, and start applying like a pro.  Do yourself a favour and invest in a good quality brush set. There are many affordable options out there under $20.

Makeup Brush set 1

3. Apply a base with a neutral shadow shade.

Applying a base of neutral eye shadow to your primed eyelid makes a world of difference in regards to blending in other colours. This way, the more intense shades that you apply won’t stick to the primer causing patchy application.

Neutral Eyeshadows

4. Use a white shadow to make colours more vibrant.

Using a white shadow as the base on your lid will ensure any vibrant colours will pop! Blend the white shadow all over the lid as normal, then start blending in your more vibrant shades.

White Eyeshadow

5. Give Yourself An Instant Brow Lift.

The amazing effect that this little trick gives your eye look is incredible. Just place the lightest shade in your palette directly underneath your eyebrow – on your brow bone, for a lifted brow effect. Be sure to blend it well.

Instant Brow Lift


6.  Use Eyeshadow as your Eyeliner.

Dark Eyeshadow

Instead of a pencil or liquid liners, you can use the darkest colour in your palette as eyeliner. Use a small, slanted brow brush and dampen it slightly. Dip it into the colour and carefully sweep it along the lash line and just under the bottom lashes.

7. Make Your Eyes Look Brighter and More Awake

High Brow


This is all makeup artists secrets. Just press a bit of light eyeshadow into the inside corner of the eye. This makes eyes look brighter and more awake. You can use a white pencil to do this, too, but the lightest colour in any makeup palette works best. Tip* a highlighter works amazing for this as well and adds an extra pop to the look.

Do you have any tips not mentioned above that you like to use? Please share them below in the comments!


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