5 Reasons You Should Never Sleep In Your Makeup

Reasons to never sleep in your makeup:

You’re The thought of washing your makeup off at night after an extremely strenuous day can sometimes feel daunting. You are over tired, over worked, and over the day. You are only wearing a little makeup so you decide to hit the sheets instead of taking off your makeup right? Wrong! The makeup you have worn all day mixed with dirt, oil, and pollutants will completely ruin your beautiful complexion.

While we sleep at night our skin regenerates itself. This regeneration is a crucial process that enables the repair of healthy skin cells and collagen production – which we all love.  Sleeping in your makeup makes this process much more difficult.

Here are 5 reasons you should never sleep in your makeup.

Clogged Pores

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Have you ever looked into a magnifying mirror only to see the horror of clogged pores? Yea, its not fun. Leaving your makeup on overnight can cause your pores to get even larger and fill with the residue from oil production throughout the day and makeup particles that are left on your skin. Not only does it clog your pores, it can also cause bacterial infections and nasty breakouts.

Brittle Dry Lashes

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We all strive for beautiful, thick and long lashes. Say goodbye to that dream if you sleep in your makeup. Mascara left on your lashes dries them out severely. It causes them to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Always remove your mascara.

Stained Pillowcases

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Have you ever woken up to black streaks on your pillowcase? Was it easy to get those staines out? Hell no! If you are like me and use silk pillowcases, they are very hard to treat. Not to mention they cost significantly more than a normal cotton pillowcase. On the rare occasions that I have slept in my makeup – and they are very far and few between, I have always managed to stain my silk pillowcases 🙁

Dull Skin

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We all strive for dewy, supple skin. Sleeping in your makeup will only give you dull, dry skin. You’re skin needs time to breathe and it does that at night while we sleep. Reward your skin by giving it a wonderful wash each night before sleep. If there is makeup blocking your pores, it will have a hard time regenerating.

It Encourages A Bad Habit


Going to bed once or twice with our makeup on throughout the week encourages bad habits in our skincare routine. We becomes less and less guilty with each time we sneak into bed and try not to think about what we just did. As a good practice, even leaving a package of moist towelettes by the bedside is better than going to bed with a full face of makeup. This way, you can lay in bed and wipe the day off before settling in.

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I hope I have convinced you on the importance of washing your makeup off nightly. We are all guilty of this at one point or another. However, a healthy skincare routine will result in less invasive procedures as we age.


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