25 Gorgeous Holiday Nails | Ideas For 2018

25 Gorgeous Holiday Nails | Ideas For The Holidays 2018:

There is no better feeling than a freshly manicured set of nails. No – just me? Newly manicured nails have the look of cleanliness and feminism and wrapped up into a neatly polished set of nails. Whether you get manicures all throughout the year, or just during special occasions, Christmas should be one of those occasions. You can go as elaborate or as neutral as you are comfortable with. Either way, your hands will look absolutely stunning.

Some people opt for long bold nails – like me, while others prefer a short neutral manicured paw. Both are exceedingly beautiful and you do you gurl. Whatever you are most comfortable with! There are so many talented Nail Technicians on Pinterest that I thought it was time I showed them some love by showcasing my favourite sets of nails for the 2018 Holiday Season. With Christmas quickly sneaking up on us, its time to pick a nail design and book in with our nail tech.

Christmas is such a special time for everyone’s family. You all have your own Christmas Family traditions, attend certain traditional parties, hang out with family, or even attend Galas/Balls. What better time to choose a stunning nail design.

The typical Christmas colours are red, green, and white, but today you will see an array of colours and designs to help you choose the perfect set. Nail art is truly a work of art and I highly suggest you check out these incredibly talented individuals.

Holiday Nails 2018

Blue/Sparkle Holiday Nails
Pink Sparkle Holiday Nails1
Candy Cane Holiday Nails
Santa Hat Holiday Nails
Blue/white/silver Holiday Nails
Deep Green Holiday Nails with sparkle
Embossed Holiday Nails
Tree & Snowflake Holiday Nails

Reindeer Holiday Nails
Glitter Holiday Nails
snowflake Holiday Nails
Shimmer Holiday Nails
Rose and Gold Holiday Nails1
Gold Glitter Holiday Nails
sweater print Holiday Nails
Plaid and Gold Holiday Nails-
Tree Sparkle Holiday Nails
Black/White/Gold Holiday Nails1
White sparkle Holiday Nails
Neutral Holiday Nails1
Blue sparkle Holiday Nails1

Stiletto Holiday Nails
Dreamy Holiday Nails1
Midnight Special Holiday Nails2
1Holly Jolly Holiday Nails

Isn’t this such a crazy amount of talent. Please take the time to check out their Pinterest pages for more cool nail designs.  You will be thankful you stopped by their profile.

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