A Crazy Life With Boys… Lord Save My Soul

If you have kids, you know its the most rewarding and joyful feeling in the whole world. You carry them for nine months, you feel them grow inside you, and then you watch them enter this world. It is the most overwhelming love I have ever felt in my 35 years on this earth. As... Continue Reading →


Sephora Haul

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting a great makeup haul. Especially if I can get it on sale at Sephora... Like hello, how can you ever say no to a sale. YOU CANT! Some of these items were sales, others were not that I just bought because I was in the mood for... Continue Reading →

Physicians Formula: The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 Review

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 CAN $14 Today's review will be on Physicians Formula The Healthy foundation SPF 20. First off we will start by reading what Physicians Formula says. What PF says about this foundation: What It Is: A long-wearing, buildable, and breathable foundation that provides lightweight, medium coverage with a healthy,... Continue Reading →

Depression: Real Talk

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and any information you read is not meant to be a diagnosis. Sadness and grief are normal human emotions. We all have those feelings from time to time, but they usually go away within a few days. Depression is something more. It’s a period of overwhelming sadness. It... Continue Reading →

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation CAN $51 When it comes to foundation, finding the best one for you can be an extremely daunting task. Not to mention an expensive one. Not everyone has the ability to just go out and purchase a $60 bottle of foundation, only to find out that we hate it! It's... Continue Reading →

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Review

HOURGLASS VEIL MINERAL PRIMER  CAN $63/30ML  $87/60ML It's no secret that I am truly a primer junkie. If it has the word 'primer' on the label, you best believe I'm the sucker who will buy it! I have spent so much money trying out new brands and formulas that I have lost count. However, my... Continue Reading →

Wow…Life can get hectic

Good evening to all my beautiful followers and fellow bloggers. It's been a while since I have been able to post. My son had a surgery and that sort of consumed my life. Along with the typical mom/wife duties and work, I feel like I am stretched thin these days. But.. Im back and ready... Continue Reading →

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