10 Designer Handbags Under $1000 + GIVEAWAY details

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase your own designer bag. I have compiled a list of 10 designer handbags that you can purchase for under $1000. I will admit, it took me a long time to find ten bags under $1000, but with much browsing on hundreds of online stores, I found ten I would personally purchase myself.  Not that this isn’t expensive, but if you would love a designer bag, here are some affordable ones.  I own many designer handbags. It’s one fashion accessory that I do not feel guilty splurging on. I cut corners in other areas so I can afford the extra cash on bags. With that said, let’s jump right into the list.

Prada Leather Bag $575

Photo Credit: Prada

Fendi Continental With Chain $950

Photo Credit: Fendi

Tory Burch Flemming Convertible Shoulder Bag $498

Photo Credit: Tory Burch

Gucci Signature Mini Bag $895

Photo Credit: Gucci

Stella Mccartney Falabella Cross body Bag $850

Photo Credit: Stella Mccartney

Louis Vuitton Pochette $685

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Kate Spade White Rock Road Suede Sam $348

Photo Credit: Kate Spade

Michael Kors Whitney Quilted Backpack $448

Photo Credit: Michael Kors

Tory Burch Bennett Saddlebag $528

Photo Credit: Tory Burch

Tory Burch Robinson Convertible Shoulder Bag $398

Photo Credit: Tory Burch

Personally, I absolutely love the look of all Tory Burch bags. They are reasonably priced and wear really well. I hope this list helps if you are in the market for a designer bag at a ‘reasonable’ price. Considering the cost of most designer bags, I think anyone would be more than satisfied with any of these on the list. Comment below and let me know your favourite designer bag. Mine would have to be my YSL bag. Now…. giveaway details. I post daily at 10amMST. This week, one of these posts will be a giveaway!! Stay tuned for details and how you can win. Sign up through email to be notified when a new post is published. The link is at the bottom of each page. I’m so excited to do this for you all!! The giveaway could pop up any day this week at 10am.

Until next time… Sheryail Marie xoxo


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